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1030 peças de 4 x 4 cm

Coleção da artista

The installation Traducir la impenetrable (Translate the Impenetrable) is composed of the three works exhibited by Julieta Hanono. The first is made by the artist in collaboration wiith members of the Gom community (peoples coming from The Impenetrable in the Chaco), living in Rouillón, outskirts of Rosario City, Argentina. Her interlocutors in this community are Arsenio (making clay animals figures, and Ruperta (responsible for moving plant species from Chaco to Rosario). The multitude of small animals represents the idea of diaspora. There are as many lives as the kilometers that separate Rosario from Porto Alegre: 1208. Moreover, the installation presents an herbarium made from the direct impression of the plant species gotten as a gift from Ruperta's garden. Translucent parchment paper prints overlap creating a delicate visual texture. The installation includes a series of black-on-white prints of a text in which Juliet condenses her experience of being between two languages, Spanish and French. It adds a Gom version translated by Arsenio. Thus, it deals with the experience of the diaspora of the Gom community as well as her own life experience between Paris, Buenos Aires, and Rosario.