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Cartazes offset 46 x 64 cm
Archivo nP

On November 7th, 2017, in response to the unexpected and premature passing of the artist Graciela Sacco, who persistently confronted the patriarchal behaviors of the art world, and, one hundred years after the October Revolution, the Permanent Assembly of Art Workers was created. On the same date, the Declaration of Commitment to Feminist Practices in Art was launched, consisting of 37 topics written collectively on social networks. In a few days, there were almost 3000 members. Nosotras Proponemos (We Propose) brings together artists, writers, curators and cultural managers who decide their actions in assemblies. NP has carried out effective actions to raise awareness about discrimination against women artists in the art world in favor of equal representation. Also, it has actively participated in mobilizations and performative actions for the right to legal, safe and free abortion, together with groups of women, lesbians, trans, transvestites and binaries; and it has manifested itself against all forms of physical, symbolic, economic and institutional violence, against female and feminized bodies. They present flags, posters, projections and objects, as well as a poster produced specifically for the Biennial 12. 

Nosotras Proponemos

Nosotras Proponemos