Algún dia saldré de aquí (Femicídios)


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Painter and musician, Fátima Pecci Caron presents, at the Biennial, 200 painted portraits of women, transvestites and trans people (children, youth and adults) from Argentina, who have been victims of femicide or who are still missing. This violence happens worldwide. Violence against female and feminized bodies is daily. The excess on these images evokes the brutality of these absences. Many women disappear in human trafficking networks, others are murdered when they go dancing, or in their own homes, usually by their own partners. Fátima goes beyond statistics when she paints their faces and redirects their eyes. They are not a number, they are people, lives, affections. They are faces demanding for justice. The portraits start from the photographs of organizations that search for these people, and that are published on social networks and the media. Backstage adapts to the format of the photos. However, the translation for painting is not literal. It introduces the radical gesture of changing the direction of the gaze. The eyes point to the viewer and, by this, question the spectators; they question the responsibility of society in these femicides and disappearances.

Fátima Pecci Carou

Fátima Pecci Carou





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