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As Mulheres do Mundo




Câmera e montagem : Hopi Chapman

Finalização: João Moura

Coleção da artista

Video maker, educator and multimedia artist, Vera Chaves Barcellos has developed an extensive work, simultaneously, in the cities of Porto Alegre, Brazil, and Barcelona, Spain (since 1986). She created paradigmatic works like Epidermic Scapes (1977-1982) in which she exposed the relationship between the landscape and the skin, in an amplified analogic record. In Women of the world, several women, in front of the camera, pronounce their names. The work conveys, at the same time, named faces in an evident wheel of empowerment, and a file of private affection. Each face communicates trust, optimism, and pessimism. Vera started this project in 1999, in an exhibition in Catalonia, and ended it between 2012-2013. This project’s process recording counted on the collaboration of the video maker Hopi Chapman. The version presented at Biennial 12 gathers the voice of four hundred women from different parts of the world, of varied ages, nationalities and races who, successively, pronounce their name one time.

Vera Chaves Barcellos

Vera Chaves Barcellos