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Burial: Erasing Erasure


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Gladys Kalichini’s artistic practice focus on three main categories: colonial history, marginalization and memory, especially in respect to the narratives of women that have been absent from the collective memory within African contexts. In the video installation Burial: Erasing Erasure (2017), where the artist stages a Zambian burial practice in which some mourners are covered with white powder (chinbuyaring), Kalichini proposes to create a context for both personal and communal experiences of mourning and remembering while holding space for dealing with the loss/disappearance of stories about women who are historically important—as is the case of Alice Lenshina (b.1920 - d.1978) and Julia Chikamoneka (b.1910 – d.1986), important figures during Zambia’s struggle for independence in the early 1960s whose roles were hardly recorded or recognized in the official narrative. While creating a place of mourning and ritual by evoking the narratives of historically relevant women, the work also stands as a mourning gesture for contemporary, everyday women whose stories have already been erased or are in the process of disappearing.