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Dibujo textual (Carbonilla sobre pared)



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"I deal with several plans of violence, and, currently, my focus is on the violence of aging". Through this statement, Ana Gallardo expresses the central line of her work, in which, using everyday materials (drawing, objects, adhesive tape, unplanned shooting, interviews), she produces a work focused on her own experiences of fragility (regarding work and home). She also addresses those who are rejected by society (elderly, patients, and prostitutes). The Biennial presents an impressive design, in compact black, made as site-specific by the artist. The superimposed graphite generates a suffocating wall, a representation of the distress experienced by Guatemalan women, particularly peasant and indigenous ones. Their testimonies appear at the bottom edge and are almost undetectable within the absolute black “It touches me to think of the woman's body as a combat weapon; the population subjected to violence and torture, and, above all, the ban of their Mayan identity.”, states the artist.

Ana Gallardo

Ana Gallardo