Fibra óptica, componentes elétricos e sensor ultrassônico

180 x 80 cm

Coleção da artista

The Bolivian artist Aruma (the moniker of Sandra de Berduccy) makes her home and studio in the dry ancestral forest outlying the city of Cochabamba. Attuned to her surroundings and their complex histories with a lasting colonial legacy, she centers her practice on traditional Andean weaving techniques, natural fibers, and plant- and insect-derived dyes that serve as the foundations for her interactive textiles, installations, performances, and works in still and moving image. The springboards for the interactions engendered by her projects are contemporary technologies woven into the fabric of her works: fiberoptic and conductive threads, movement and color sensors, LED lights, and speakers, among others. Aruma’s interactive textiles included in the exhibition mobilize the elements taken from the artist’s local environment and ancestral knowledge to incite contemporary viewers to explore and preserve often barely perceptible but tremendous potential of native flora and fauna, and to revindicate rural technologies stemming from the pre-colonial past.

Sandra De Berduccy

Sandra De Berduccy





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