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Ejercicio protesta 1 - Rojo


Tribunales de Concepción, Chile

C - Print 31 x 41,33cm

Fotografia Pamela Navarro

Coleção da artista

Liuska Salazar is a performance therapy artist (a member of the political performance collective Efímeras, Political Performance collective), and mural painting (a member of the Women Muralist Brigade). Biennial 12 presents three records of the artist's performances, enacted in front of emblematic buildings in the city of Concepción, Chile.  Those are her “protest exercises”, carried out in 2010, in which the artist exposed her naked body covered in red, black and yellow paint. The red, in front of the Courts of Justice building (which the artist renames In-justice), is related to different types of violence exerted on the population. The black, in front of the Cathedral, is opposed to the white of purity or chastity that the church seeks to convey. The yellow, used in front of the Pinacoteca, is related to the unseen light by those who follow a mentor or teacher who reproduces a commercialized and unequal education system. The intervention echoes the student struggle that tries to free young people in debt due to a pricy education. Liuska's starting point is her own naked body, covered in the paint performance, to reject the socially accepted beauty canons as well as the repressive elements represented by the Justice, Church and Educational System. The body rises as an instrument of protest.