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El ABC de la Europa Racista


Impressão papel fibermat
42 x 42 cm
Coleção da artista

Versão em Português

Version in English.

For over a decade, Peruvian artist Daniela Ortiz has been based in Barcelona and her experiences as a racialized woman migrant in the territory of the former Spanish Empire have become the crux of her multimedia projects that range from actions in public spaces to ceramic sculptures and painted decorative plates. In her work Ortiz takes up an unapologetic critique of the persistence of the Spanish and, more broadly, Western European colonial project that manifest itself today through the European Union’s immigration laws and various forms of migrants’ oppression on both institutional and everyday level. A tool for reading and political literacy, ABC of Racist Europe deploys the familiar form of a children’s alphabet book to implant painful knowledge of diverse forms of persecution that migrant kids and their families encounter and a fierce call against them: from the operations of Frontex (The European Border and Coast Guard Agency) to the use of commercial airlines for deportations. 

Daniela Ortiz

Daniela Ortiz