Entre o Azul e o que Não Me Deixo/Deixam Esquecer II



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Entre o Azul e o que Não Me Deixo/Deixam Esquecer' is an interactive and performative installation, composed by light, sound and a presence sensor. The work has arisen from Juliana dos Santos’ reflections on the poetic limits and possibilities of being a black artist, which she articulates through questions: “Would it be possible to talk about Blue when people remind me all the time that my limit is way below the sky? Which are the demands that they/I will not let me forget? Can black artists abstract? How can I talk about blue when people always yell “black” when they see me? How can I forget myself in the blue when the memory from other people disrupts my dream?' Therefore, the installation is an elaboration of an immersive experience, arising from this search for sensitivity and plastic-formal experimentation, in an exercise and attempt to talk about blue amongst other sharing possibilities

Juliana dos Santos

Juliana dos Santos





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