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Estar igual que el resto

2014 - 2019

Coleção da artista 

Estar igual que el resto (Equal to the Others) is the result of an intense investigation work conducted by Pau Delgado Iglesias for five years with people blind from birth in different cities of the world (Montevideo, Uruguay; Lima, Peru; Havana, Cuba; Santiago, Chile; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Hereford, United Kingdom; Asunción, Paraguay; and Bern, Switzerland). In a world where everyday life is marked by 'hyper-visuality', this work explores how identities are constructed when images are absent, especially sexual and gender identities. What is beauty for people who cannot see, and do not even remember having once seen? To what extent do cultural stereotypes play a role in their experiences? Is it possible to stay out of what society determines in relation to the body? How are our tastes and concepts of beauty formed?

Pau Delgado Iglesias

Pau Delgado Iglesias


Enlaces a entrevistas en video: 
(sobre Estar Igual Que el Resto) 
(sobre una muestra anterior) 

Enlaces sobre la muestra: 
(escrita por una de las participantes ciegas del video) 
(texto curatorial Andrea)