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Indicios de Resistencia


150 tijolos de terra, água, cola e corante

15 x 30 x 7 cm

Coleção da artista

The young Cuenca-born artist Juliana Vidal (Tania Marcela Vidal Barrera) investigates the lasting physical allure of traces through the media that range from analog photography to sculptural practices based in mold-making. Whether by the means of a photographic camera or malleable materials as diverse as clay, plaster, and contemporary dental compounds, she registers indexical signs that mediate absence through space and time. Through these operations, her work is a sort of extended meditation on the visibility and invisibility of diverse human bodies, their persistence, and the imprints they leave on the social spaces we inhabit. Specifically, her artisanally produced earthen bricks allude to class as it is imbricated with the different modes of construction in Latin American cities, pointing out the issues of their spatial organization and segregation.