Lo que oyen los muros


120 blocos lisos e 28 auto-falantes

285 x 147 cm x 38 cm

Coleção da artista

 Chilean photographer and performer Eugenia Vargas presents at the Biennial 12 her sound installation Lo que Oyen los Muros (What the Walls Hear). It is a wall, located at the Memorial room, built with industrial materials in which numerous sound art devices stick to the memory as they are played. It is a collective of women whose voices come from only one. The sounds intertwine body and genre, producing poetic and political echoes. It is not a splitting wall. The gathering of its pieces invites the viewer to ponder diversity, inclusion, and gender equity in all its manifestations. It evokes the idea of strengthening unity, empathy, and closeness toward the other. It is a process of creative construction in which the consequence creates in the room a continuous questioning. The ceaseless sound coming from the wall gives the idea of a living and resonant matter that calls for collective listening.

Eugenia Vargas-Pereira

Eugenia Vargas-Pereira





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