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Mujer toba - 2


Aborígenes del Gran Chaco. Fotografías de Grete Stern. 1958-1964 
Mujer toba 
Alrededores de Resistencia, Chaco. 1959-1960. 
Colección Matteo Goretti / Getty Research Institute, Los Ángeles. 

German photographer Grete Stern, who was a student at Bauhaus, moved to Argentina in the 1930s, during the Nazi era. In 1958 she adopted the Argentinian nationality. Between 1958 and 1960, summoned by the National University of the Northeast, she traveled to the Argentinian Province of Chaco to photograph the life and customs of the indigenous. The University intended to create a museum and a regional ethnographic archive. She photographed the tobas, their homes, their work and passed it on to linguistic researchers. In 1964 she remained in Resistencia for four months to keep on the project and take pictures of the tobas, wichis, and mocovíes. Through these portraits Grete resumes Bauhaus’s interest in the Aboriginal culture, its fabrics, and languages. The artist reveals these women on duty but, at the same time, captures their poses and smiles, unveiling her pride.

Grete Stern

Grete Stern