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Mujeres De-ver e Mujeres De-ver Porto Alegre


Quadro de mapa de Lima e de Porto Alegre e fotografias

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In Mujer de Ver (Woman to be Seen), Natalia Iguiñiz takes the book Modos de Ver (Ways of Seeing, John Berger) as a starting point. In this book, Berger analyses how women’s imagery is configured, as well as the beauty, and what is (not) allowed to be shown about them. The images feature identities and losses. Between June 4th and June 10th, 2017, Natalia made a photographic record of women on the main avenues in Lima and Callao. Spectators can observe not only these women, but also the two-dimensional or three-dimensional images (billboards, posters, statues). The work comprises the places with only one or more women. Since they are in public spaces, it is implicit that they are seen to be seen; they are presenting themselves to a community that supports them. These photographs are grouped into categories referring to their hair color, their ongoing activities, or the people who accompany them. Natalia developed this research process in the city of Porto Alegre to exhibit it at the Biennial 12. What are the characteristics that can be seen in the photographs of women in this city?

Natalia Iguiñiz

Natalia Iguiñiz