Bandeiras em voal 
75 x 84 cm 
Coleção da artista

The multidisciplinary practice of the artist Jota Mombaça unfolds from two key-elements, which are constantly stumbling, articulating and questioning themselves: their written and performance processes. The written processes flow into poetic rehearsal, science fiction and forms of visionary fiction, including premonitions and prophetic prose. From this nodule comes the flag series NÃOVÃO (2017-2020), which will be presented at Bienal 12 | Porto Alegre, in an amplified version with 21 pieces. As a second key-element in Mombaça’s investigation process, the performance grows stronger from the action series A ferida colonial ainda dói (2015-2018). It is from the inside of the performance key that we can think about the work Así desaparecemos (2019-2020). The project is designed in relation to the burning of historical files. For Brazilians, this is a reference to the official order, given by Rui Barbosa in 1892, for the burning of slavery-related files, and to the fire in the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro, in 2018. Positioned before the work Auras anônimas, from Beatriz González, Mombaça reads, from a paper in flames, texts written by victims of the Colombian conflict. 

Jota Mombaça

Jota Mombaça


O Corpo de Jota Mombaça é um Manifesto. Pedro F. Morais (Caderno Ípsilon - Público, 15 
de Julho de 2018, Portugal) 
Loca Suelta, Bala Perdida. Dani Umpi (Suplemento Soy - Página 12, 23 de Dezembro de 
2016, Argentina) 
Bio-lencia Descolonial, Matar La Academia - Entrevista a Jota Mombaça. Ali Majúl 
(Contranarrativas, 29 de Junho de 2017) 
Jota Mombaça (Soul In The Eye programme) - Interview. International Film Festival 
Rotterdam (2019) 
The Time Has Come, In Which The Lights of This Epoch Were Lit Everywhere. Jota 
Mombaça (L’Internationale Online, 11 de Março de 2019) 




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