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The anthology we present shows central aspects of the performances that Cláudia Paim has made since the end of the nineties. Firstly, the relationships between body and affections (Segredos, Entre mia boca e teu olvido / Secrets, Between my mouth and your Forgetfulness) and between body and space (Corpopaisagem / Bodylandscape). In her performances, the emotional register also joins that of violence (Discurso Amoroso / Loving speech). The body is exposed in an extremely moving performance in Devastação (Devastation) when the artist confronts us with the signs left by the disease in her hair. In Possibilidades (Possibilities), while she breaks 420 eggs, the artist pronounces the names written on them. Through each rupture, she rubs the relations between body and gender. Paim reiterates phrases, reiterates movements. Repetition, let us remember, is a central instrument in meditation and acts of political resistance. Through her performances, Paim installs a powerful reflection on affections and does it from the territory of his own body.