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Gelatin Silver Print

Herdeiros de Grete Stern / Cortesia da Galería Jorge Mara La - Ruche

Grete Stern was a German photographer who studied at Bauhaus and moved to Argentina in the 1930s, during the Nazi era. In 1958 she adopted the Argentinian nationality. Between 1948 and 1951, she made approximately 140 photomontages for the women's magazine Idilio. Women who used to report their dreams to the magazine had them illustrated by the artist. By using a juxtaposition of images, she could create photomontages, as well as new images. Through her work she addressed the representations of women and criticized patriarchal discourses. The images appeal both to the intellectual and affective side, rise from fear, self-esteem, and fantasies. Her work comprises a critical reflection on the articulations of power and social structures of subjugation, resulting in a free dimension.

Grete Stern

Grete Stern