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Série Tatsuniya: Holiday is Coming


6 fotografias
30 X 45 cm
Coleção da artista

Tatsuniya series (2017) started off as a photo-documentation of the students of Shehu Sanda Kyarimi school in Maiduguri, Nigeria — part of a larger photojournalistic project about the experiences of students affected by the Boko Haram conflict in the region. The series, however, evolved into a playful unfolding of narrative and the relational happenings around the making of the images in which Rahima Gambo is fully implicated. What are the intangible things that happen when you bring a group of young women together, holding space for creative expression to come through? Which possibilities arise when we center on what cannot be accurately and entirely recorded by the camera: the bonds formed when we gather communally to speak and to listen, to teach and to learn, to play and to express? By focusing on these key questions, Gambo moves Boko Haram and the oft-cited trauma related to the conflict to the footnote. Through Tatsuniya, she shares her encounter with playfulness, relational energy, interconnectedness, and the fluidity present in the ambiguous space between the moving and the still images, between fact and fiction.

Rahima Gambo

Rahima Gambo

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