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Cortesia da artista e da Coleção Eduardo León Jiimenes, Santiago, RD.

Siboney is a performance in two parts. The first part of Siboney is a video that documents the process of copying the tropical pattern of a found piece of fabric on a museum wall. At the same time, she explored the collection of the Centro León, D.R., and chose a painting by Vela Zanetti (one with a picture of a dancing mulatta). The artist worked about a month to make this mural, in which she used gouache paint. In the performance presented afterward, Jori wetted her body and rubbed it against the wall, causing the colors to smudge and blend, while an adaptation of the song Siboney by Connie Francis was playing. The performance delivers a critical analysis of the concepts of monumentality, the body that turns into a brush or eraser, and the vanishing of tropical stereotypes.

Joiri Minaya

Joiri Minaya

Estados Unidos