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The Hands. For the eye, the hand of my body reconstitutes my portrait


Cortesia de Instituto de Geta Brătescu, Hauser & Wirth e Ivan Gallery Bucharest

Geta Brătescu was a visual artist who presented her work by drawings, collages, photographs, performances, textiles, and films. Her work exhibited at the Biennial shows a series of short videos in which she draws. The camera focuses on her hands, on the spiral notebook, and on the thick dark pen that makes the drawn lines. Each take is a drawing. The video captures the artist from the moment she faces the black sheet, draws the first black lines, reflects on her next move until the exclamation that marks the end. At certain moments, some words reflect on what she is doing. We can see Geta's hands at the age of 88, confidently drawing through thoughtful gestures. Her drawings are as mental gestures, as venturous lines, like a trip on paper.

Geta Brătescu

Geta Brătescu