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Send the portfolio in PDF format with 5 (five) to 20 (twenty) images of other works of the Participant (works already carried out or projects), with technical details. Audiovisual material, such as films, videos, musical compositions, must be included through links to your website, Vimeo page, Youtube, among others (if necessary, enter the password).

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Proposal Data

IMPORTANT: Do not include the name of the proponent and / or artists involved, or any information that allows you to identify them in the following materials.
The evaluation of the proposals will initially be done blindly. Thus, the inclusion of your
name in the proposal's information may disqualify it.

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Proposal outline, illustration or scheme

Attach illustrative material here to help us to understand your proposal - it can be in the form of an image or document.

IMPORTANT: remember not to include the proposing name in the scheme.
The file name must be the proposal title only.

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