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Instituto Caldeira is one of the main symbols of the movement for innovation and entrepreneurship in Rio Grande do Sul. Officially founded in 2019 by 40 large companies, it is located in the 4th District of Porto Alegre, in the facility where, in the 1920s, the old manufacturing industry of the AJ Renner group.
The goal is to house 60 operations by May 2021, between large corporations, startups and initiatives related to the new economy, connecting agents from the private sector, universities and public authorities.

The space of 22 thousand square meters, through which 1.3 thousand people should circulate in the coming years, is already a meeting point for anyone who is passionate about the idea of a more competitive and innovative Rio Grande do Sul.

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Giu Pachá

Coleção de Óculos - 2 modelos exclusivos


Giu Pachá é designer e amante dos fazeres manuais. É fundadora da marca homônima de óculos autorais feitos à mão, trabalhando como Designer Lunetier que é quem, além de criar e desenhar armações, também as produz.