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Rede de Arte e Docência

Be together. This has been the main direction of the work carried out by the Bienal Educational Program 12 . The search for these ways of promoting the encounter, sharing and production of collective knowledge about art, exhibition and education was what led the Educational Program to develop a series of actions, such as the Lives Program with artists, curators and agents of the education, and the Collective Laboratory for the construction of material for teachers, with the participation of artists, Chamber of Teachers, guest educators and representatives of educators from the institutions that would host the Mercosul Biennial : Rio Grande do Sul Art Museum Ado Malagoli (MARGS ), Memorial of Rio Grande do Sul, Iberê Camargo Foundation (FIC) and Centro Histórico-Cultural Santa Casa (CHC). Thus, under the title of the Biennial12 - Female (s): visualities, actions and affections -, the Educational Program seeks to activate these sensitivities in the exhibition in the face of the sudden change in routine brought about by the pandemic. If these were already the compasses of our actions, now they are intensified in times of isolation and uncertainty.

Educational proposals, lives, virtual meetings, people thinking and talking about art, its emergencies and the time that it crosses us, among other actions, have been the main characteristic of the Educational Program in times of pandemic. However, although we have set up a Chamber of Teachers that acts as a kind of council for educational actions, it is still necessary to be in constant dialogue with teachers at different levels of education.

In previous conditions, most of these meetings took place, physically, in the exhibition space. It was there that students and teachers had the possibility to activate the works, their mediators and all the vibration that comes from the exhibition. In current times, continuous activation takes place through virtual contact, social media, remote work, distance classes, shuffling between home rooms and classrooms, making it necessary to create a conversation network.

Open a front of constant and direct contact with teachers and through it contribute so that contemporary art and all its crossings and intersections can contribute to move doubts and different understandings about our time. To this end, Bienal 12 launches its Art and Teaching Network . The idea is to open a wide register of teachers from different places and conditions, levels of education and spheres of activity, leveraging a channel for sharing knowledge and experiences.

Igor Simões , assistant curator of the Bienal 12

Mais de 2.000 educadores fazem parte da nossa rede. Quer receber nosso material educativo?

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