Território Kehinde

Be together. This is perhaps one of the main demands of our time. Times of mixed days when the house is confused with the demands of work, where cameras bring together the private and the public. In the face of all the change in sensitivity brought about by the pandemic, a show in the South of the World tries to find its way of digital existence.


Bienal 12 has, through its Educational Program, tried to find the appropriate strategies to be together with its audiences in the sensitive ways of the days that we have arrived. If that involves us, how to build pedagogical material for teachers? What does this material need now? What elements cannot be given up? How to bring the different dimensions of thought of a show in times of social isolation? These questions are the engine of action of the Educativo Laboratório Coletivo Bienal 12: educational material in times of isolation. Once again, the search show creates

Território Kehinde

Ana Maria Gonçalves, Izis abreu e Dedy Ricardo

Os Femininos e o Pensamento Curatorial da Bienal 12

Andrea Giunta e Fabiana Lopes

Educativos, Mostras e Docências em Artes: Lugares de Criação

Celina Alcântara, Luciana Loponte e Carmen Capra

As Instituições de Arte e os Educativos

Mônica Hoff, Carla Batista e Marga Kremer

Mediações e Mediadores, Professoras e Professores

Larissa Fauri, Carol Mendoza e Mônica Hoff